Leg Magic: Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!

It is commonplace in today's world for original products to be 'copied' in China. We are all guilty in some regards for always wanting things at a cheaper and cheaper price. If something is £10 cheaper, we might ignore it, but if something is £20 cheaper, we might go for it!

But we always end up being disappointed. Can a copied product selling for £39.99 really be the same as the original at £79.99? The answer is of course no! A copied watch, DVD or handbag has its own issues, as it can not physically hurt you.

But what about exercise equipment? What happens if a piece of exercise equipment is made cheaply in the Far East? Particularly when the genuine Leg Magic equipment requires a British Standards safety certificate. Could the copy be potentially dangerous?

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Don't get hurt using a cheap copy

The biggest problem with cutting corners in the manufacturing process is producing a unit which looks the same, but does not work as it's supposed to. If the product is not stable and breaks easily are you really getting value for money? A product which instead of helping your body be healthy could actually injure you.

There have been already some complaints about broken or poor quality products being bought and complaining about the Leg Magic customer service. But all of these complaints refer to unofficial sellers and copy products. So when you see a cheap Leg Magic, check its authenticity, because what at first seems like a bargain may actually cost you more than money in the long term.

Buyers Beware. Buy the original from these approved sources and get the genuine product and none of the hassle.

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Leg Magic official websites

New name
In the UK,
Leg Magic is now known as "LegMaster"

All Leg Magics from the above sites are guaranteed to work as you would expect them to. These units are the only ones that have been passed safe by British Standards EN957-1:1997.

Reviews for Genuine Leg Magic / LegMaster from real customers

Review by Valerie from London *****

Amazingly, I can fit in 2 minutes on the LegMaster (up from 1 minute already!) in between ALL the other things I have that keep me busy and distracted in a normal day! The simplicity to use is pure genius....and it's the first piece of home equipment I have continually used...and can't imagine ever not using! There's no excuse! Thank you!

Review by Melanie from Middlesex *****

I was initially a little concerned because it seemed to be a little flimsy, but I have been proved wrong. It's an awesome bit of kit - easy to use, easy to increase intensity and something everyone can use for a few minutes a day. Brilliant!

Review by Jane from Warrington ****

I get on it occasionally and have never yet been able to do the programme by keeping up with the DVD! Think it's great though